Monday, February 7, 2011

Skype: Wow...I'M NOT AN IDIOT!

I Skyped for the very first time today!

Can I just say the 21st century is COOL?
So, I will admit I was convinced I would end up blowing up the computer (or WORSE...destroying the internet and facing the wrath of millions of Facebook addicts!!!). I feared MUCHLY that I would sit for hours trying to figure out how the dang sound worked. And let's not even get started on FINDING the person I was planning to talk to. I'm an incompetant loser...I anticipated humilating failure.

And, lo and behold, Skype does the work for you!!!

It patiently tells me all I need to know. It went something like...

Skype: Hello! Please test your sound, mic, and screen so you don't sit here all day sobbing with frustration!

Me: Oooh...big green buttons!
Skype: Yes. Press it, please. We need to see if the sound works!

Me: GAAAAAH!!!! IT DOESN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skype: Calm down, child! There is hope! Try one of those yonder options. Try again. Calm down. That's right, breathe.

Skype: Try one more time, Rookie! Please, just relax! Any idiot can use me, I swear!


Skype: Oh, come, you hysterical redhead! Did you try plugging in some earbuds?
Me: Why should I!? Catherine didn't have to when SHE Skyped on this computer!!

Skype: Stop making excuses! Do you want it or not!?

Me: Fine. But it won't work. Look, see!? It didn't work!
Skype: Try. The. Other. OPTION. Than.

Me: HA!! Wooo! It works! I'm so smart!

Skype: *grumble*...Ok, FINE. Move on to testing your mic. Make some noise!

Me: Why? Oh...ok. AHHHH!
Skype: Did little green lines appear?
Me: What do you know...they did!

Skype: Your mic works! Your friends will be able to hear you!

Me: Sweet! What next?
Skype: Screen check. Does it work?

Me: Why, look at myself! *smoothes hair*

Skype: I'll take that as a yes. OK! Start Skyping!!!

Me: *sits and waits a little while...dicovers the Emoticons of Skype! Has too much fun. Friend gets on. Starts to chat. Is random, loud, and weird. The usual.*

So. Yeah. Skype is awesome : ).

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  1. ROFL! Skype sounds like a very kind chat liason. :)