Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sitting Blindfolded in a Church

I think someday I should tell my Youth Group leader Bob how much he's inspired me in just three weeks.

Or not.

Either way, he does inspire me.


Other times he scares me.

Once he tied me to someone.

But, anyway...

Last nights topic was about TRUST...more specifically, trust in God.

That could have been a fairly boring topic had it not been for Bob's total enthusiasm for this sort of thing.

First, he blindfolded a person and assigned one person to lead them to an object.

Everyone else (myself included) was to try and lead them AWAY from it.

My group may have been a BIT scary, because the guy who did it first curled up on the ground to hide from us.

Anyway....after that, we did a really cool, inspiring thing.

We all sat down far apart from each other in the church.

Than Bob ordered us to blindfold ourselves.

We sat for a while, just sitting prayerfully.

Than, people would come up to us and read a promise of God's faithfullness to us from the Bible.

And me, being me, got this image in my mind....

Someone is sitting, blindfolded and bound, and they don't know where they are.

(This is a mental image....I don't have all the details, either!)

Every so often, someone comes past them and whispers something.

The idea I had is this person needs to decide what voice they should trust and follow, and who they need to be afraid of.

Some of the things they hear are wonderful, hopeful, pleasant, or kind.

Other things are threatening, frightening, evil, or wrong.

They make the wrong choices at first, following blindly those who are leading them to harm.

Or maybe this person's feet are bound....they can't move.

I had both ideas.

Its actually really creepy...

But that's what came into my head.

The conclusion of this very odd image in my head was finally, finally, the person realizes who to trust, and the story ends well.

Or maybe the story has a horrible ending, in which the person either despairs all hope or is lead to their doom.

I don't know, either.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Live!

No, i did NOT die! Shocking, i know!

Forgive me....first i went away on a trip, and than i was grounded off the computer *hmph*

But, anyway, while i was on my trip, my mother helped me decide what exactly i should do with this blog. I felt i was too random for anyone to find it even semi-entertaining. I need consistency, and purpose (we all do!).

So i have decided to use this blog as the cess pool for inspiration.

If I say it out loud, eventually I will understand it.

So, as a writer, there are plenty of things that inspire me.

Like bubbles! <3

And my family.

And my friends.

And that inspiration doesn't just come out in writing....sometimes it comes out in drawings or breif poems or just what i say out loud.

Not to mention every word posted on the internet is published, so what better way to share ideas for stories and plots???
Also, i must still share pictures.

A picture's worth a thousand words, and sometimes those words are most humorous.

One good thing about being cooped up in a green Suburban for HOURS is that you never know when something brilliant and random will occur:

THAT is my baby brother Curious George excersizing his curious tendencies to stick cheesy sharks (yes, sharks) between his toes. He refused to eat them, but he screamed at my sister M&M to stick them between his toes so he could promptly giggle, pluck them out, and chuck them at us.

Twas quite amusing and downright inspiring if i do say so myself.

So that's it for now...thank you for coming back to check and see if i was still alive.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Drivers Permit Test




I was convinced i would fail, but i passed!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everybody who was praying and rooting for me! I did it! Yay! I love you guys!!!!!

Celebratory picture:

The glorious rainbow from the fair two months ago! A very happy picture to celebrate something very very happy! WOOO!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rainbows and Cheese Sauce

Random, happy pictures!

First: Two pictures of the AMAZING rainbow behind our house!

Apple fritter...mmmmmm....
Apple fritter half gone :)

The beautiful sky!

MAC AND CHEEEEEESE! M&M made us homemade mac and cheese with mini shell pastas and extra cheesy sauce. IT. WAS. AMAZING.

All gone :'(

Twins Birthday Pictures!

Here they are, the birthday pictures of Curious George and Pooh Bear!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Twins!!!

Today, Pooh Bear and Curious George turn ONE!!!


My little sweeties...i remember holding them when they were just TINY. *sigh*

We have done our share of celebrating so fair.

For breakfast, Mum made them pancakes---their favorite!
They got this funky little ball-slide toy:

Cute, huh? They loved it : ).

We also decorated the house:

And M&M made them baseball cupcakes:

And, like an idiot, i decided to wait to take birthday pictures of them till i needed them for my blog post.

Curious George chose this oppertune time for a nap:

But, i do have pictures of Pooh Bear:

Cute, isn't he?

Here is a recent picture of the two of them AWAKE:

Handsome little devils, aren't they?

Getting so big, turning one!
Happy birthday, buddies!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Strawberries and the Second Punic War

Things that are strawberries:

1. Strawberry slushie.

2. Strawberry yogurt.

3. The song Strawberry Avalanche by Owl City.

4. Breakfast: Orange chocolate chip bread. Mmmm...

5. Sister curling my hair.

6. Cute book by favorite author. (Sideways...sorry)


7. E-mails from friends.

Things that are The Second Punic War:

1. The War With Hannibal, by Livy. Required history reading. (also sideways...)


2. Having to do a paper and questions concerning ^^ *blllaaaahhh....*

3. Raw hamburger juice spilling all over the fridge, having the clean it up, and freaking out over it.

4. Slow internet connection.

5. Allergies.

6. Being broke.

7. Missing all of my friends :'(.

Some things in life are good, like strawberries.

And other things in life are BAD, like being forced to read about the Second Punic War.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Particularly Perfect Pie

Have you ever had any Particularly Perfect Pie???
I had some today.


It was the kind of pie made out of pudding and Cool Whip and grahm cracker crumbs.

Banana cream pie.


One of the ladies from my church made it.

That pie, along with hotdogs, patato chips, scalloped patatoes, etcetera, was very lovely.

Not to mention the beautiful breeze blowing through the park and watching guys get an amusing amount of thrill from throwing a football back and forth.

Twas a small slice of heaven...both the moment, and the pie ;-).

However, my small slices of heaven were marred by one of those totally-not-on-purpose epic fails, in front of a lot of people.

It was very windy today, and we were eating off picnic tables.

My younger sister let go of her plate.

That plate flew up and smacked me straight in the face.

And stayed there.

Because i was too shocked to pull it off.

My mother loudly declared she wished she'd caught it on camera.

So, how was your Sunday?

Saturday, September 11, 2010







Last night, i wanted to get some nice, restful sleep so i would have plenty of energy for our early shopping trip (8:30 am) today.


Yeah, right.

I woke up around 3:30 am and was still awake at 4:30 am.

I stopped looking at the clock after that.

So i'm beat.

And getting rather tired of my social existence being exclusively online, if you know what i mean lol.

I do have some consolation in life today, though.

1. A new PEANUTS t-shirt. Who WOULDN'T be happy about that???

2. Strawberry yogurt ^-^

3. I got new glasses that are exactly the same as my old ones except NOT BROKEN!!! Yaaay!!!

4. Homemade pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms tonight *floats around blissfully*

5. ONLY 56 DAYS TILL LIFELINE!!!! Which isn't much consolation, but, y'know, one day less than yesterday!

If that didn't bore you, you are having about the kind of day i had.

Thanks for reading it anyway :-)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

7 Things About Today...

Wow. Only 2:58 and today has been really crazy and awesome.

(Yes, i am fond of using '7', NO i don't like that song, i'm making fun of it!! mwahaha...)

1. I'll guess we'll start at midnight last night.

I was awake STILL. I had just stayed up will 11 watching an awesome movie with my sisters and mom:
This was a GREAT movie. A chick-flick, yes, but very awesome. And i must say....Marc Blucas isn't at all bad looking.
The plot was totally unpredicatable and it ended not at all the way i assumed it would!

And now for some reason my blog won't let me go back to left alignment. Well than. Fine.

2. Breakfast was blueberry muffins and Specials, which i still have not finished. I'm slow. Be patient, M&M.

3. Math was very amusing. For some reason, they decided i needed little men to explain the direction of a slope.
Not that i'm complaining...they're very cute.

4. The Aeneid. Wow. That is some really....GREAT literature *cough*sarcasm*cough*
I don't understand why i should read it, but Kolbe Academy home schooling requires it, so there you go. Actually, i enjoy it (better than HISTORY) but its very weird...for example:
Ye-eah. Real intense stuff.

5. The weather is BEAUTIFUL and windy with occasional sprinkles, but never opressive! LOVELY!


7. New music from my good friend's blog!!! LISTEN...Boston by Augustana! THANK YOU SO MUCH, GIRLS!!! *hug*

Man...this center allignment is annoying. Hopefully my next post won't look all weird like this, but thank you for reading!!!