Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sister and Sisteh...and Me

What is the difference between a Sister and a Sisteh?

Sister: A sister. Duh.

Sisteh: A BFF who is a girl.

Good to have that cleared up.

Anyway...yesterday and today I got to hang out with my Sister (which happens like...EVERY DAY and lost a lot of its excitement about ten years ago) and my Sisteh (which happens hardly at all and is crazy exciting for both me and my Sister!!!).

How was it?

The words...











OHMYSTINKINGGOSH (yes thats one word).

Pretty much.

Why was this so special, exactly?


Nine years ago (roughly...) I met this crazy girl when we both tried to stop a girl younger than us from picking up dead mice with her bare hands.

(For those concerned, yes, we managed to stop her.)

The little girl walked away.

We started playing spies, drinking cocoa, and generally were insane little girls with big imaginations and big hearts.

That girl was my very first (and I am NOT KIDDING) friend.


We've been friends for nine years (roughly...).

A little while after this, my younger Sister became friends with my Sisteh.

At first, being a petty young child who fought with her siblings more than she should, i was furious. How dare that pipsqueak of a little sister steal MY friend!?!?

Finally, over the years, i got over this, as i realized my Sister and i now had (and have) a common bond!



We had a BLAST.

We watched The Sorceror's Apprentice (as i say to all movies i like even remotely: BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!).

We toasted each others health, happiness, and tooth loss.

We took a million or so pictures, most of which we would have burned on the spot (also known as 'deleting') if it hadn't been for how happy we looked (stupid faces/poses/outfits/ideas aside).

We ate more sugar than any TWELVE people have any right to.

We put on makeup.

We did hair.

We drew on funky pink shirts with permanant markers.

We danced.

We sang.

We filmed ourselves dancing and singing.

We played an ANCIENT board game called Masterpiece.

We ate sandwhiches.


It was amazing.

So, to my Sister, and my Sisteh....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Very Merry Christmas : )

1. Christmas Eve was BEAUTIFUL! It was softly snowing the whole day! It was magical! It was MARVELOUS!

2. Christmas Eve Mass. Oh my awesome! The first ten minutes were held by candlelight, and it was just wonderful.

3. THE. FOOD. Oh my goodness............I can't even describe how wonderful Mom and Meggie made our Christmas feast : )

3. Christmas Day! I got a Walmart gift card, an Amazon gift card, some delicious lip gloss, and the most epic hat EVER.

4. MORE FOOD!!!!!! Haha....yes, it was heavenly!

5. Being with my family : ). Its been wonderful!

6. Everyone loved their presents lol.

7. And last but not first and best friend shall be here to celebrate my Christmas with me on Wednesday!!!! HARRAH!!!!!!

I hope your Christmas was as marvelous as mine, and may you be very VERY blessed the rest of the Christmas season : ).

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Excitement Builds!

For tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Things I don't have done:

1. Joe's gift.

2. Mom's gift...unless I give her and Dad the SAME gift.....

3. Kat's gift and the duplicate I'll probably have to make for Hannah of that gift since they'd both just LOVE it.

4. Christmas Eve Mass outfit. Um....HELP??

Reasons none of that really matters and everything will be ok:


Be sure to celebrate His birthday like a nut and have a safe, peaceful, joyful, holy, and very very VERY Merry Christmas : )

Monday, December 20, 2010


Lift your glasses (of eggnog) and let's have a toast!

It's officially Christmas now!
My older sister is home for Christmas, and I am in a celebratory mood!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! : )

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gingerbread Houses: The Drama!!!

So, today we made gingerbread houses. Not REAL ones, though....graham cracker ones. We're not THAT insane.

There was some serious drama goin' on at the kitchen table, let me tell you!

The Table! What a mess! What fun!

Hurricaine Anna. She named it that, I'm serious.

What became of Joe's.

Mom made this one for Ladybug, who wasn't present : ) 

Meggie's! So pretty!

Ella's...its a cute little candy hut!

Yeah. I was bored. But its true!

Anna's redemption! (Note the hurricaine sitting in the back there....)

Mine. I hate how the roof turned out. But the brickwork was fun :-/.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday on Tuesday was pretty sweet : ).

I got:

This for myself : ). Its SO cute!!!

New wallet from my big sissy!

A microphone from my best friend : )

$25 from my gramma

A black t-shirt from my sister

A book from my mom (hasn't come in the mail yet)

And we went to the mall!

My 5-yr old sister got her hair curled. It was SO CUTE.


Tastes awesome cold, too. It was EXTRA awesome cake because it was baked on top of a magical bed of molten chocolate. *raises eyebrows* YEAH.

So. That was my birthday : ).

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I am another year older.

*Sobs tears of joy*

Yes, yes, its bittersweet.

But I have had a most marvelous birthday : ).

I have no fun pictures yet, so I'll save the rest of the news for my next post ; ).

Monday, December 13, 2010


IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special thanks to Ladybug for posing with our fake tree.


And all that jazz.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Love What You Do

I am a procrastinator.

If that doesn't surprise you, i'm not at all offended. I've heard the symptons are easy to identify.

Anyway......this was more of a ignorance issue than a procrastinating issue.

Suddenly, i turn around, and its like..... OH GOSH TWO AND A HALF WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS.

And.....i have no presents.


Fortunately for me, i am an artist. I can cheaply and rapidly (er...somewhat rapidly) produce gifts for people. I am a cheap and rapid sort of person, which is not all its cracked up to be. If at all possible, resist following me down this path of mediocroty.


I LOVE what i'm doing for presents.

(No, i shall NOT tell. Some people already know. Thats enough. Seriously.)

And i think that is INCREDIBLY important for EVERYONE.

To love what you do.

If you hate what you do (for loathe cheese with all your soul, yet can only keep a job making cheese), you can't enjoy it, and no one sees what you've done (tastes your cheese) and just KNOWS you loved every second of producing it.

Love makes things SPARKLE.

That might sound cheesy, but its true.

Like, the first drawing a little kid ever does.

That is the most hideous mass of squiggles ever known to mankind.

And yet, its completely beautiful, because it was made with love.

So i hope on Christmas morning, people open my gifts and get all excited and sentimental, even if they usually totally wouldn't care about this particular gift, because they can tell it was made with love.

Or at least say, "Huh. Nice." And than at least NOT throw it in the trash. Stuff it in a drawer somewhere, maybe.

I love pointless gifts, as long as they're given with love : ).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tangled: Favorite song!

This song is NOT a spoiler, and its beautiful, so I'm sharing it with the blog world : ).

Featuring the voice of Mandy Moore, Rapunzel singing the Healing Incantation.


Monday, December 6, 2010

My Epic Weekend, Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4

Part 1: Netters Aplenty!

The fun started on Thursday the 2nd, with.....


You just can't go wrong with Netters.

Keep in your prayers the EPIC Net team #7....all 11 of them who stayed at our already quite full house Thursday night and Friday morning. was pretty awesome. How often does one get to play Frogs and Flies, Animal Noises, and than have an epic praise and worship session complete with 3 guitars and a drum??


We were devastated to see them go on Friday morning (team member Drew was devestated to leave my baby brother....poor guy).

Part 2: The Blizzard Trip

This was Friday and Sunday.

And my mother, my sister, my brothers, and myself left for Minnesota.

Oh boy.

Things we forgot before leaving:

1. Toys for the babies.

2. Cups for the babies.

3. Water of any sort.

Things we lost while traveling:

1. The gas cap.

2. The diaper bag.

3. The cup we bought for the boys to stand in for the cups we forgot.

4. Mom's book.

Yep. Thats us. Organized. On top of it. *snort*

And than, of course, once we REACHED St. Paul........well, we'd been driving through a blizzard for a while, anyway. This traffic was stopped.

Yeah. And the boredom was so extreme:

I think we stopped at McDonalds like, 5 times on this trip. French fries are my weakness.

Part 3: LIFELINE!!!!!!!

Best part, of course.

1. My very best friend EVER : ).

2. Seeing a friend i totally did NOT expect to see! I hadn't seen her in forever and it was AWESOME.

3. Nate from Sonar is amazing, even when he's all by himself up there, jamming away.

4. Mass with a couple thousand screaming teenagers is A L W A Y S a win.

5. CANADIANS!!!! For some reason they decided to cross the border just to come to Lifeline. How awesome is THAT???

6. Tony Melendez!!! Yaaaay!!! Dudes without arms who play the guitar with their feet? E P I C   W I N!!!!

Part 4: St. Nicholas Day!

I got:

1. Earbuds, wraparounds, headphones, AND an adaptor so TWO earbuds can plug into the same device. Pretty sweet.

2. Mint M&Ms. Oh yeah.

3. An enormous Rudolph the Rednosed Reigndeer tin with THREE KINDS OF POPCORN IN IT OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!!! I have a horrible weakness for flavored popcorn..........and i was tempted to eat ALL of the cheesy stuff today. I resisted.

So. That was my epic weekend. Details WERE left out, alas, but hey, i only have so much time to blog, and you only have so much time and patience to read it.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I had the immense privilage of getting to see this movie with some of my VERY best friends over the weekend!

I refuse to spoil the movie for anyone, so I shall merely say these things:

1. Best Disney Princess movie ever. Its a shame they don't want to do any more princesses....but really, they couldn't top this.

2. SEE IT. Preferably not at 9:05 pm and NOT in 3-D. You will be too tired from the lateness of the hour and too distracted by the butterflies that appear to be flying out of your head to FULLY absorb the epic plot, and be left DYING to see it again because you KNOW you missed something.

3. Why is it the best? Well, aside from the guy not being a prince, actually having a personality, and Rapunzel actually being likable (compared to some princesses), its the first princess movie i have ever seen where you can tell, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they truly, truly love each other.

4. Was is cliche? Yes. Did it end a tad on the fast side and make you wish you could tell Disney not to rush these things? Oh sure. But still epic. Not every movie still makes that cut.


6. Epic. Songs. Nuff said.

So, go forth! See the movie, unless you already have! Laugh, bawl your eyes out, scream hysterically, and make your friend dub you the 'loudest person they have ever seen a movie with'.

Back row:  Rapunzel, Flynn
Front row: Hannah, Kat, Me

Rapunzel and I posing with our fryin' pans : ).

How best friend waste their time the day after the movie : ).