Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Have The Best Friends. Ever.

It's true.

And I'm leaving a lot of them soon.

We're moving away from here in NINE days.

New state.

New town.

New house.


New-ness can actually suck remarkably.

There are many wonderful and amazing things here.

I love our house.

I love our church.

I love our Youth Group!!

I love my friends.

I love.

Love is dangerous.

Love leads to heartache.

I won't stop loving this place when I go.

I'll it from afar.

A long-distance relationship!


So, to all the people's who I am seeing for the last time for a while this week and saying goodbye to, I love you SO much. I appreciate all you have done for me and all you have made me.

And too everything and everyone that awaits me...

I apoligize in advance.

You might what to batten down the hatches and all that.

We redheads tend to take the world by storm : ).