Friday, September 9, 2011


A certain college student requested a blog post about my job, so here goes.

My job is not hard, but a monkey could not do it. It involves critical thinking skills (or maybe only if you're me...), intense physical involvement (also, maybe only if you're me...), and constant cheerfulness (again, probably just me...).

The store I work at has the motto, "The Friendliest Store In Town".

Which is pretty awesome, right?

And we're very friendly, if I do say so myself.

We always smile (or...most of us do), we carry out people's groceries, and we offer excellent service.

I typically do one of two things: I either check out, or bag and carryout.

Not typically, I do a lot of other things:

Shelve items, face items (grocery-store-speak for 'make it look pretty'), clean bathrooms, dust/scrub shelves (worst job EVER), help people find stuff, and go into the store and buy things for ladies sitting outside with their dogs (which is VERY not-typical and I've only done it once.)

And one thing that I did for the first time yesterday (besides buying frozen peas for the lady with the dogs) was page someone for the first time.

The head lady of the moment needed to show the girl being trained for the service desk where to put the tills (a.k.a. cash register drawers) at night, so I was gonna be pretty much manning the front solo (eep...). So I was shown how to page someone in case something horrible or explosive happened.

"Push that button."

I pushed down on the page button AND the hang-up button (which HAS a name, I just can't remember it), and a loud, awful SCREEEEEEEECH!! went out over the shoppers heads.


"Just that button."

Thank you, Arla.

"Now say something."


*note to self....people can HEAR YOU WHEN YOU PAGE!!*

But I never had to do it. I DID get to page Matt to come bag for me, which added to the epic-fail-ness, because I pushed the wrong button, and I'm standing there, saying, "Matt to courtesy, please,", WITH PEOPLE WATCHING ME, and I realize after I've said it 1 1/2 times that its not coming out over the speakers.


Ah well.

Work has been a huge learning curve for me, and I've really enjoyed it. I've messed up epically only once or twice, I've been told,

"I like your initiative!"

...but I've also been told,

"Clare! The mops right there!" (behind me...oops)

But they haven't fired me yet.

The end.


  1. That kind of makes me want to work in a grocery store now :P

  2. As I type this, I am getting ready to leave for my very first day of grocery-store working. Wish me good luck! ::)