Saturday, February 25, 2012

Things I Miss About Italy


I want to go back to Italy. So much.

 I want to walk on cobblestones again, and I want to walk everywhere. I want to hail taxis in the pouring rain and hold umbrellas up like we're in Mary Poppins. 

I want to go to the Trevi again, and not make a wish, but just stand there, when there's no one else there (this is an impossible dream) and look at it. 

I want to eat gelato out of a little paper cup with a colored plastic spoon.

I want to say 'gratzi' and 'scussi' and then eventually just learn to speak Italian.

I want to cross the Tiber every single day.

I want to ride on the scary subway, and get off at every stop just to see what is there. 

I want to sit on stone steps that are thousands of years old and eat potato pizza. 

I want to find a way to go into the Sistine Chapel before anyone else is there, lie on the floor, and just stare up at it for an hour. I seriously wanted to do that, but believe me, I would have been trampled. And no one would have noticed. 

I want to buy way more Italian candy. 

I want to get my own espresso because it is amazing. 

I want to buy a phone card for every person back home and talk to them for hours and not worry about sleep, because seriously, when there's coffee, there's a way. 

Eat the breakfast on the plane because your next meal could be at 4 pm. 

I want to go back, knowing everything I know now, and not be so worried about everything. I want to go back and have an even better time than last time, because I know I'll live through it, and because I know exactly what I don't want to miss out on again. 

I want to find a way to meet Pope Benedict XVI.

I want to meet real Italians and become friends with them.

I want to take the train all the way to Pompey and back.

I want to live in Assisi for a year.

I want to go back. So. Much. 

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  1. Oh, how absolutely lovely!! I would love to visit Italy someday!