Monday, April 2, 2012

Script Frenzy 2012 Day 2

A messy excerpt. This is what my first drafts look like; spelling errors, bad grammar, and bad story telling:

Reenter Professor, hurrying about the stage and looking on the floor. He is very upset and alarmed.

Prof: Oh, no, oh no oh no!! Has anybody seen my pocketwatch?

Reenter pirates. Captain is swinging pocketwatch by its chain.

Prof spies pocketwatch

Prof: AH HA! You have my tiem traveling pocket watch! Give it back, you! Lunges at her.

Captain sidesteps; Prof sprawls on the stage. Pirates laugh.

Prof: Give it to me! I need it, or I’ll never get home!

Captain: Too bad! All the treasure in the world will one day belong to me, Captain Belt Buckle. Isn’t that right, lads?

Pirates exclaim approvingly.

Captain: You see, poor traveler? You’re out of luck. This fine pocketwatch belongs to me, now.

Prof: No! You can’t possibly understand its secrets! It is much to powerful and precious for the likes of you! You can’t even read, I bet!
Captain stiffens in offense. Who says I can’t!? Get him!

Pirates descend on Professor, yelling and laughing.

Prof: No! No! Help!

Prof lunges at captain and grabs the watch, but she has a hold of the chain.

Captain: Let go, madman! Men, get him off me!

Prof: Let go! Its mine! I’ve discovered how to travel through time! Let it go!!

Captain: straining I don’t know what you’re talking about! Finder’s keepers!

Prof: Listen, woman, you’re about to break the secret to time travel!

Captain: There’s no such thing as travel through time!

Prof: There is now!

Captain to pirates: SERIOUSLY guys!?

Pirates stand ot the side, looking unsure.

Captain: Let it go! Yanks it away from professor, but looks down at the watch, confused. Huh?

Prof: Oh no…oh no! No! You’ve activated the time machine!

All: shouting and swaying in fear and confusion. Lights flicker, than go out.

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