Friday, December 14, 2012

It is Friday, December 14th, 2012

Today I am eighteen years old! 

I opened most of my presents yesterday because my dad had to leave this morning to get my older sister from college, but that was okay because I miss my sister AND two more presents came for me in the mail today!

So far I have received  1 Moose Pillow Pet, 2 bead-sorting containers, 7 beading charms, 1 roll of drawing paper, 20 dollars to either Kmart or Sears, 20 dollars in cash, 1 Milky Way chocolate bar, 1 extremely sparkly gray scarf, 1 mind-bending puzzle which I can't even figure out what I'm supposed to DO with, 1 little bottle of Blackberry Vanilla body spray, 1 little container of Blackberry Vanilla body rub, 1 very sweet best friend saying YOU'RE SO OLD!!!, and 3 whole younger siblings taken away from the house for the entire day! 


If anyone is curious if I am going to seize this opportunity to A) buy cigarettes B) buy lottery tickets or C) get a tattoo, the answer is no to all three. I don't even get to vote anytime soon. Eighteen-year-old privilege means very little to me. 

My mother is aghast, for her third child is now 18 and. I find it interesting that the oldest child being 21 and the second oldest child having started dating someone for the first time doesn't bother her at all, but I turn 18 and suddenly she's sitting in the kitchen staring off into space in amazement. 

I am very loved and very blessed, and my dear sweet wonderful friend Sophia is coming over when she gets out of school to watch Tangled with me, as everyone else is sick of it. 

The only sad thing is now I am getting sick--I have a sore throat, and all the sugary goodness is not going to make me feel any better, but I WILL EAT IT ANYWAY. 

Happy birthday to me! I will be spending this day writing, sorting beads, watching movies, eating delicious food, and talking to my best friends on the phone :)

Love and hugs,

Clare Marie

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