Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Seven Reasons I'm Afraid to Go Outside

I'm a little bit of a Blimey Cow fan, and I infected my younger siblings. My brother Joseph will come up to me every Monday and say, "Have you watched the new Blimey Cow video yet? Can we watch it now? Can we watch it in your room?" 

As unfortunate as it is to say, this particular video that came out a few weeks ago is a fairly accurate summary of my feelings towards nature. 

I LOVE being outside...but on my own terms. The weather has to be perfect, the bugs have to be few or nonexistent, wildlife needs to be where it can be observed and not encountered, and I prefer never to sit on the bare ground if I can help it because someone once told me a few too many horror stories about wood ticks. 

That being said, this video is also hilarious, and since my brain was turned to much by five small children for the second morning in a row (#hashtag#VBS#crewleaderproblems #theworstpartaboutbeingachristian), I'll save my witty satire for another post.

Have yourself a Wonderful Wednesday!

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