Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why I'm praying Kermit Gosnell does not get the death penalty

If you haven't heard of the Gosnell murder case, here is a generally informative article about it.

I first heard about this in March, about the time the trial started. I was horrified and upset by the details of absolute disregard for the health, safety, and dignity of the women who went to have abortions from Gosnell's clinic, and that innocent babies were being killed there by the thousands.

Yesterday, the jury ruled Gosnell guilty of three cases of murder of infants who were born alive after failed abortions, and unintentional manslaughter of a 41 year old woman. In the article announcing this ruling, there was a line that bothered me:

"The trial will move next week into a sentencing phase, when the jurors will be called back to decide whether Gosnell, 72, should receive the death penalty or life in prison. Prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty, and the multiple murder convictions are likely to bolster their argument." (Read the whole article)

This makes me so frustrated. Yes, this man is guilty of murder, and YES, ABSOLUTELY he needs to face just punishment for what he's done. But I am pro-life. I know that life is sacred and precious from conception to natural death. Therefore, I believe that Gosnell is guilty of the murder of EVERY CHILD HE HAS EVER ABORTED. That's how precious life is to me. 

And that is why I am praying, starting today, that Kermit Gosnell will not receive the death penalty. There is absolutely no cause for it. In the United States, we have every capacity to keep criminals locked up safely. I think it would be just as wrong to sentence Gosnell to death as it was for him to murder innocent human beings. 

Mercy is not popular these days. Even the word 'mercy' is often associated with weakness or indifference. But Jesus Christ died on a cross 2,000+ years ago so that Gosnell could be forgiven and shown mercy for his crimes. I pray Gosnell will be shown mercy, because his life is just as valuable and important as any other life.

Prayer For An End To The Death Penalty

Merciful Father, we ask your blessing on all  we do to build a culture of life. Hear our prayers for those impacted by the  death penalty.
We pray for all people, that their lives and  dignity as children of a loving God may be respected and protected in all  stages and circumstances.  
We pray for victims of violence and their  families, that they may experience our love and support and find comfort in  your compassion and in the promise of eternal life.
We pray for those on death row, that their  lives may be spared, that the innocent may be freed and that the guilty may  come to acknowledge their faults and seek reconciliation with you.  
We pray for the families of those who are  facing execution, that they may be comforted by your love and compassion.
We pray for civic leaders, that they may  commit themselves to respecting every human life and ending the use of the  death penalty in our land.  
Compassionate Father, give us wisdom and  hearts filled with your love. Guide us as we work to end the use of the death  penalty and to build a society that truly “chooses life” in all situations.
We  ask this Father through your Son Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with the  Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.    

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