Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Looking forward to: NaNoWriMo 2011!

Never heard of NaNoWriMo? Check it out!

I am getting VERY excited for November! Like, screaming, checking the website, dancing around, trying to find a friend to do it with who won't totally BAIL on me excited (Meg, Kat, Mary Kat, Anna, Ames...I'M LOOKING AT YOU!!).

Right now I'm perusing the NaNo world, getting maniacal pleasure out of my solidarity with other writing fanatics. Is that so wrong?

I've got my plot chosen and I'm raring to go. All I DON'T have at this point is a title for the book. The working title is The Lion and the Frog, but I also like the title Eden. I'll figure it out.

I know that after I won last year, many people (hi, Mom...) might not understand why I want to do it again so badly. was fun! It was amazingly cool to see how many other people love to write, and I really enjoyed seeing a book (a lousy book, but still a book!) come forth from a month of effort.

Can't wait for November....


  1. You are not looking at me. I'm in Iowa. You are not.

    I'm considering it, ok? I m i g h t give it a shot. Maybe. It depends. I might have alot of other things on my plate so idk ::\