Sunday, December 25, 2011

An Adventure...

It's Christmas!



And as such, obviously, it is Jesus's birthday, and we must rejoice that our Savior has come into the world to save us! ALLELUIA!

This year for Christmas, I get a very cool, very extremely awesome present.

Tomorrow, I am going to Rome, Italy!


Its very exciting.

I have never been on a plane before in my life and our flight is like, 8 hours.

I've never left the country.

I've never left my time zone.

I've never been away from my family for 11 days.

And I know exactly what will happen.


Disney/Pixar - A Bug’s Life

But I have like, a dozen people praying for me, so I know everything is going to be fine. This is the first true adventure I've ever had, and if its the ONLY adventure I EVER get, I suppose falling flat on your face is better then standing back while everyone else has the time of their lives.

Please keep me in your prayers, too!

This is going to be so amazingly cool, I might explode.


Maybe it has occurred to you that if I am gone for 11 days, I might not be posting on my blog.

I'm afraid it's true.


Sorry. I'm not going to Italy to blog about it. Although, hopefully I WILL get to blog about it, but, no, that is not the actual point of GOING.

Hopefully you don't all abandon me for other more frequently updated blogs.


I'm so incredibly excited. I'm just about packed. I am about to embark on the best adventure of my life. I even made myself a little 'farewell' image on Elouai to post here.

Clearly I'm excited, right?

Well, I love you and miss you all already!

God bless you this wonderful Christmas Day! Enjoy all your presents, no matter how big or small. The best present I got this year was Jesus.

Second best?

This adventure He gave me.

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