Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Jar

New Years: To Resolute or not to Resolute? That is the question.

Ah. New Years. The time when everyone vows they will lose 50 pounds, become organized, end world hunger, and cure the common cold.

It is a time where we celebrate unrealistic expectations that have no grip on reality, nor take the past into any form of consideration. 

We hail the New Year, and within a month, TOPS, ditch our resolutions to wallow in our mediocrity once again. Very smart, we human beings.

I admit that I have made resolutions in the past, and probably will again in the future. 

But, to be perfectly honest, resolutions are pointless for me. I can't change myself by my own willpower. It's only by grace I'm even still alive, considering how many times I've crossed the street without looking both ways (and yes, a car did have to slow down...) and almost slipped on a wet sock going down the basement stairs. 

And yet, I was enjoying a friend's Tumblr, when I found the most beautiful, simple idea posted there.

Add memories, thoughts, plans, and accomplishments to a jar throughout the year.  Open it on New Year’s Eve and read through them. 

A jar! Filled with hopes and dreams. Not 'resolutions'. Not practical things we 'ought' to do. The things written on our hearts. 

I have no resolutions planned, but I plan to get a jar, make it beautiful, and fill it to the brim for next New Year's Eve. I will keep you posted on this, probably, because I tend to get excited about this type of thing. 

I guess THAT is somewhat of a resolution, too. Ah, well. 

I pray God blesses your Christmas abundantly and gives you a very joyous, hopeful new year!

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