Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today is my birthday! 

Tonight, I'm going to write a letter to myself to read in a few years, remembering everything that was or was about to be when I was this age, at this time. I love to journal about everything in my life, just so I can remember all the little things we naturally forget. 

It's been a really great day. I'm almost two decades old, but it's still OK to be a little girl, and to love the silly little things, like having a bunch of your younger sibling's friends sing you happy birthday, or eat a big slice of cake and three scoops of sherbet, and skipping around just because you're happy to still be alive and still be so loved.

I am abundantly blessed. I have lived such a beautiful life and know that whatever lies before me can be even more beautiful then what lies behind. 

To anybody else who shares December 14th as their birthday, happy birthday to you, too. Hope it was a great one...God bless!

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.


  1. Woops... now I wish I saw this earlier.
    Wish you the best birthday you can possibly have in years (this congrats are late so they stand for next year OK?). I really enjoy your writing, or well, your thinking out loud. Its like reading my own thoughs without redacting... I don't want to sound like a stupid amazed by just about everything she founds, because I'm not, I just truly think that you deserve mi congratulations on your day, now that you've give me a few beautiful moments with my paper and pencil.

  2. Thanks very much, I truly appreciate that :). So glad you enjoy my blog!