Monday, July 16, 2012

New Music

Today, I decided I wanted to add a song that is very special to me to my blog. Just the instrumental (maybe it's playing right now) to the song Vanilla Twilight, by Owl City.

Alas, I had only a vague idea of how to do this. But I turned to my good friend Google, and asked:

How do I add music to my blogspot?

If you, too, were wondering how this works, here's the link I found that made everything clear:

It was really easy; all I had to do was choose from a list of sites where one can create a playlist (I admit that I was a sucker and picked Hypster simply because it had the coolest name), make the playlist I wanted (which consists, as you can see, of one whole song!), and embed it on my blog.

Hypster is pretty fun, but I'm busy enough online as it is, so I doubt I'll be playing around with it much. I only wanted this song because it is breathtakingly beautiful.

But it did occur to me that this might cause a problem, in that I do occasionally post a Youtube video (usually a song) on here. Fortunately, the lovely Vanilla Twilight instrumental can be paused at ANY time during your visit to my blog, so feel free to do so if it's getting on your nerves.

It's possible that in a few weeks I'll delete it from my blog and never add music to this thing again. But for now, please enjoy this song that has a lot of positive association for me, and feel free to listen to the full song with the gorgeous lyrics.

Have a lovely day!

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