Friday, July 6, 2012

Snow White story, another excerpt

I've finally gotten my enthusiasm back for this one after watching the new movie Mirror Mirror , so I decided to post something that's already finished from it; the scene in which Snow White's 'prince' brings her 'back to life' with a kiss. 

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Rumors of the wildest and most startling nature had been flying thick and fast through the village of Rhine, and they all had started in the forest right on the border of Spoon. It wasn’t too far, but an opportunity to see for himself didn’t come for a while.
As he came slowly into the clearing, he understood, and believed.
“So. Its…true, than. She killed her,”
For there, laying on a golden pyre, a glass cover pushed back, lay Snow White.
Her body showed no signs of decay as he drew closer, and the rumors had begun months ago. It did seem fitting that the body of the fairest girl in the land should remain incorrupt.
Finally, Hunter stood right beside Snow White, gazing down at her, resplendent unto death. They should keep her covered…whoever did this. She’s in danger this way.
“This is my fault,” Hunter breathed. “I shouldn’t have just sent you off. I should have taken you…hidden you. I could have done my job. I could’ve kept you safe. I didn’t. And I’m sorry, Snow White. I’m sorry,”
Her face was whiter than ever, like frozen marble, and when he dared reach out and gently touch her hand, it, too, was like ice.
“Dead,” he breathed. “It seems selfish, but…at least I didn’t have to kill you. That would’ve been…so much harder. At least now…hopefully…you have some peace. The Queen never let you have any here.”
He was saddened to the depths of his soul, not so much that Snow White was dead. She had surely been drawn straight into Heaven, pure and deserving. But he was very, very sad that he had never had to courage to take risks and make mistakes. Maybe it would have ended in him losing his head, but it truly would have been better than this guilt. Better than knowing everything he didn’t do. Everything he could have done.
“I can’t make this right. Its too late. But I want you to know Snow White…if you hear my humble prayers…that I loved you. I loved you…not because you were beautiful, but because…because all my life, I waited for you. When I found you…I thought…” he sighed.
“You were a princess. I was your guard. I had to keep you safe, whether I loved you or not. I miss you, Snow White. I miss your laugh and your smile…I just wish I had taken the chance to get to know you. To be sure. To let you know…in spite of the consequences…how I felt about you.”
Deciding, for once in his life, to be bold, he bent down, gazing at her beautiful face, so peaceful and still, and whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Goodbye.”
He bent further, and kissed her.
Her lips were frigid, but soft. He kissed her softly and firmly, closing his eyes, cherishing this moment, even though it was too late. Its never too late to love. Its just…too late for it to matter.
He kissed her longer than was proper, certainly, but it felt right. It felt…real. True.
He breathed in the scent of her, still vanilla and cherry blossoms, mingled with the intoxicating scent of dried roses.
Finally, he drew away, and opened his eyes.
Snow White’s sparkling violet eyes stared back at him.

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