Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome, Autumn!

This blog deserves a post, even if it's ridiculous!

As of September 22nd, it is now Autumn! The leaves are changing colors and falling off, and pumpkins are showing up in all kinds of forms!

So...what have I been up to? Why haven't I posted in so long?

Well. Let me tell you....

Lately, I have written nothing, drawn nothing, painted nothing, cleaned very little, worked a lot, gotten behind on my schoolwork, and worried endlessly about an endless list of things.

So, there's no good reason for me not to have made a post of SOMETHING.

I've been tired, I caught my first cold of the season, and I just haven't felt like writing anything. But I want to. I just have nothing in me TO write. It's no excuse, but its something.

But I'm very grateful you are reading this, because I do dearly love my blog, and I hope to share things that are worthwhile with you.

Summer is gone, so, as is my little tradition, I like to listen to the song Summer Again, by The Afters. It's a little bit sad, but very beautiful, and welcomes Autumn in while saying goodbye to Summer.

God bless!

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