Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bring Me the Night

There isn't an excuse for this level of blog neglect. There just isn't. And unfortunately, the heat index in my area is over 100 degrees, so I'm not exactly full of energy and ideas for amazing blog posts. So I'll stick with something easy and entertaining: song post! 

Two weeks ago, I found this song on Youtube due to the fact that I frequently look at Kurt Hugo Schneider's page because he produces some fantastic music. I love Kina Grannis' voice, so I was delighted to see she is featured in Sam Tsui's newest single, Bring Me the Night. Aside from the fact that it is a beautiful song, it is very relevant to my life. When the person you love most is 1,000 miles away, this kind of thing can be very relatable. 

Measuring days in the spaces between our goodbyes
Learning to wait through the endless parade
Of our same old see-you-next-time's
But when I close my eyes, the miles melt away
Like you're here in my arms at the end of the day

So bring me the night, send out the stars
Cause when I'm dreaming we don't seem so far
Darken the sky, and light up the moon
So that somehow you'll be here with me soon
Bring me the night
Bring me the night
That brings me to you

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  1. I love Kina Grannis too! Her voice is so beautifully unique.