Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Update on Writing a Play #2!

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I am extremely proud to announce that I finished the entire body of the play! It is all physically in existence now! Even though its only the first draft, I am already really pleased with it and I can't wait to have a few people read it and give me suggestions.

Why this sudden burst of productivity? 

It might be that I finally solved the final remaining Big Problem I was having. I couldn't find a smooth and plausible way to introduce each new color into the dialogue. 

The solution?
An 8-pack box of crayons! My female character needed to be carrying something interesting and quirky, anyway, and the colors I wanted to work with all come in the 8-pack!

It was a stroke of genius.

Unfortunately, I came up with this idea rather late Sunday evening and don't exactly remember WHERE or HOW it formed. That's the way it goes a lot of the time.

With a convenient and believable carrier for the colors, I pressed onward to write down a complete short play of about 8 pages. Writing it was fairly easy and fun, but editing it has been tough. I have to constantly pay attention to how everything SOUNDS when spoken, because that's how it will be received by audiences. I have to pay attention to 'stage left' and 'stage right'. I have to make sure that all the action that needs to be specific is clearly explained for the people who could potentially perform it. 

With that being said, I'm a little giddy with excitement. The deadline for short play submissions (July 1st) is fast approaching, and I hope I can be ready for it. 

So, there is my update, and here is an excerpt:

(Sophie sighs at his unwillingness, and switches the crayon again, this time for the brown one)

Sophie: This one is brown. Chocolate is the best way to describe brown. Its rich and dark and sweet.

Thomas: I hate chocolate. Besides, isn’t dirt brown, too?

(Sophie sighs again)

Sophie: Yes. Dirt is brown, too. 

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