Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Serenaded Silly...

People write songs for me.

Its a fact.

Both my elder sisters wrote me a song, and sang it to me, and sang it, and sang it....OVER AND OVER AND OVER......

The first one was by Catherine (my oldest sister). I was rather cranky one day, and she was playing her guitar, and irking me to the nth degree. I probably snapped something rash. She took it in stride by writing me a most IRRITATING song, which went something like...

"This is a song for Clare,
A song for Clare,
Whose feeling, really, annoyed!
This is a song for Clare,
A song for Clare,
Whose feeling, really, ANNOYED!"


Yeah. Hated that one.

However, it was nothing compared to what happened next.

Fast forward a lot of days, and WHAM! We come to the day Anna and I were left to our own devices at home. She was playing the piano, and quite frankly, I was sick of it. She was being very loud and obnoxious...probably on purpose, but one never knows. So I shouted over the din for her to stop playing. The following song was composed five seconds later.

"You don't like my song, you said to stop it
But I think this song is really hoppin'
If only you were me and I was me too-oo,
Than maybe I could get somewhere with you!!"
You would not BELIEVE how many times my siblings have sung this to me. There's even a rather nice recording of it on someones phone.

I am also perpetually being sung overtly annoying tunes such as Grenade, Rolling in the Deep, Lover Lover, Price Tag and Baby.

Take me now.

Of course, no one's ever serenaded me with a beautiful ballad or a song about my lovely eyes, flowing hair, or flaming temperament.

Come to think of it, if my older sisters DID sing me such songs, I'd probably bring a frying pan down over their heads.

But, anyway...apparently I just have the face and ability to be severely aggravated that attracts troubadours.

I hope someday someone writes me a song that can get stuck in my head without making me want to run screaming through town in search of solace.


  1. I agree with your compilation of overtly annoying songs. Grenade was only cute the first of the, what, five thousand times that I have heard it. Lol...

  2. I love all the songs you listed as annoying. You, my friend, are a hater. lol And my song for you was awesome! You should be honored. O:)

  3. Lol. I quite enjoyed those songs. You should be honored that people you are related to can come up with stuff like this on the fly. Definitely something to model yourself after. ;)

  4. Darling, I'd still catch a grenade for ya.