Tuesday, July 12, 2011


"Those who are steadily learning how to love our enabled to do this because the very love of God has been placed in their hearts."

-Eugenia Price

Some things we do erratically. Start and stop, a little than a lot, never consistent.

It makes me think of the Relient K song, Let It All Out. Oh inconsistent me...crying out for, consistency...

I consider myself to be one of the most inconsistent people on the planet. There are few things I know that I am 100% consistent in, such as eating, sleeping, and using the restroom. We as humans crave permanence and security, yet we ourselves are the most impermanent beings! We're inconsistent.

And naturally, that is a SWEEPING generalization and should not be applied to everyone.

But, there is something I came to realize I have done consistently over my lifetime.

I have slowly, gradually, surely, and steadily learned how to love.

Some things you learn verbally, visually, or physically. Love is something you learn in every sort of way. It is tangible to every sense.

While my progress in learning to love has been slow, it has been steady. I can thereby conclude, and hope, that one day, I will know enough about love to truly love someone. This consistency can only be found in God, who is love. As a fragile, finite human being who could never hope to do anything consistently, especially not love, which is the greatest thing I was created to do.

God gives me hope in His love, the love He planted in me from birth, and the love He slowly but surely shows me and helps bring to full bloom.

Love, therefore, is something you experience.


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  1. This is really deep material. It definitely belongs in a book someday!