Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ACT prep

I finally got logged in to start practicing for the ACT online, and the first thing I looked at was the basic overview of what the MATH portion of the ACT looks like.

Unfortunately, all it made me do was cry.

I am horrible at algebra, because I can never remember what the first step to solving a problem is, and I can never correctly rewrite a problem. I didn't get it the three years I took it in high school, and if anything, its gotten worse now. I just have no clue.

I never took geometry, trigonometry  or even advanced algebra. I did intermediate algebra for two years, and I still didn't get all the way through the book.

So, I'm kind of depressed, not because I was planning on becoming a Biologist and all my hopes and dreams have been crushed or anything. No. It's because I want to do my best, but I feel like even my best will result in a total mathematical flop.

That's just kind of hard, you know? I didn't try hard enough when I had to do algebra, I barely met the requirements to graduate, and now it's going to bite me in the butt when I'm actually confronted by algebra in real life. I have never even fully memorized the multiplication tables. I didn't care, so I didn't try.

I know what I'll have to do; make my best guess on all the problems. Who knows? Maybe I'll get a few of them right. That might be good enough, but I hate being mediocre. I wanted to do better than good enough...I want to be able to sit down and understand how to do an algebra problem from start to finish, and I can't.

I'm just really angry with myself, because I could have done so much better, and I didn't.


  1. But if you are really motivated and really want to be good at it, then that's a good start :) I'm totally bored with statistics right now, I hate it, and I can't even motivate myself. I'm sure if you can, then you'll make it:)

  2. Thank you so much...that's good advice :) I'm not good at self-motivation, but I know that if I REALLY want it, I'll be able to do it!

  3. This sounds just like the place I was in a few weeks ago. I took the SAT about a month ago (I'm working on getting ready to take it again) and I'm rather awful at math. I actually also just took the basic Algebra course for two years. Don't worry too much, all right? You'll do fine. Remember, no matter how big of a test it is, it's still just that, a simple test. You can take it again as many times as you need to. It doesn't sum up your character, or even represent all of your skills to the fullest or lowest extent. I'm not quite sure if you're looking to apply to college and if that is also worrying you with this, but if so remember that it's also just one of the many things colleges look at. They aren't just going to look at a silly number and cross your name off.

    Stay calm, don't worry, if you can pick out the obviously wrong answers then by process of elimination you will have a better chance at guessing. I wouldn't random guess if you don't know ANY of the answers, but if you can pick off one of two it's a good plan.

    Remember now, don’t stress yourself out. That won’t help anything at all, and I know you’ll do just lovely. Don’t worry.