Thursday, October 18, 2012

NaNoWriMo: 13 days to go!

I'm getting really excited! I have started creating book characters on, which is always fun. I will do some character reveals once we get closer, and I actually start writing.

One thing I'm happy to announce is I actually have a name for my main character! It comes from a minor character in a  BBC show called Ballykissangel my mother really liked for a while . It is spelled Padraig, but it is pronounced 'POOR-RICK'. I did not make this name up, just FYI. The name means 'patrician' or 'noble', which I thought was fitting for a Leprechaun.

My mom is ridiculously excited to read it when I'm done, so I'm going to strive to actually successfully write it from start to finish, which I didn't do my first two years. That was mainly because I failed to pace myself, so I'm going to write up a better story line this year, for sure.

I also have plans to sneak people I know into the book, not even as minor characters, but just as random strangers. It's going to be way too much fun.

I'm leaving for the weekend and won't have a lot of internet access, but I'm starting to do some legitimate research on Ireland so I don't look like a complete simpleton. I am Irish on both my mom and my dad's side, so I think I am up to the task!

This is going to be the best NaNoWriMo EVER.

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