Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guardian Angels

Today is the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels!

We tend to get very romantic notions about Guardian Angels. We imagine them being glorious, beautiful beings with wings. We portray them as ravishing, protective women and muscular, heroic men. We imagine them as being small enough to sit on your shoulder. We imagine them as having feelings and thoughts the way we do. Most of all, we imagine angels are higher than human beings, because they are in Heaven with God. 

Angels have no gender. Angels have no bodies of any kind. Angels are not subject to emotion like we are.

If Angels could be jealous of men, they would be so for one reason: Holy Communion- St. Maximilian Kolbe

We are superior to the Angels because we have bodies. We are body AND spirit. Animals are only body, Angels are only spirit. We are both; we are God's masterpiece, and we can physically receive Jesus' body and blood. The Angels cannot do that. 

That being said: Can you even fathom how unbelievably COOL angels are!?

They serve God directly upon His throne, and are more complex in their being than we humans can ever fully understand in the material world. 

Our Guardian Angels are horrifically under-appreciated. They protect us every moment, and chose, for all eternity, to serve God by watching over us. 

Happy Feast Day, Guardian Angels! Thank you for protecting us and helping us as we strive to love and serve our Lord. 

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