Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Being Catholic is so cool.

I'm staying at a Super 8 with my dad, and, just like he always does, my dad went around with his trusty little bottle of Holy Water and blessed our hotel room. All four corners, all four walls, windows and doors.

Who needs ADT when you've got Sacred H2O?

Isn't that wonderful?

Not only does my dad love me enough to bless our hotel room to keep us safe, but he is actually LIVING his faith. He is making his life a prayer. Sometimes I get really frustrated and angry with my dad, but I love how seriously he takes his faith. And its MY faith, too.

I think we Catholics ignore our awesome resources way too often; Holy Water is a powerful sacramental that can expel demons, and we can get as much as we want from our local Baptismal Fount.

I love being Catholic.

God bless you all :)


  1. What a beautiful gift we have as Catholics. . .

  2. I loved reading this.... thanx angel!!