Sunday, October 14, 2012


In 2010, it was My Hero. 

In 2011, it was The Lion and the Frog. 

This year, 2012, it is......

I am terrifically excited about this one! It follows the story of a (yet unnamed) leprechaun who, after a series of unfortunate events, is diagnosed as depressed. His friends and family urge him to take a 'holiday', something almost unheard of for a modern-day leprechaun, who is very busy keeping from being noticed, granting wishes to the deserving, and protecting his gold. All the misconceptions about leprechauns can be so terribly tiresome, you know. 
His attempts to have a proper holiday lead him to many unexpected adventures and very good friends. Everything would be rosy...except that a leprechaun who grants wishes to those in need must always move on in the end. 

Always remember....not all the Irish are lucky. 

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