Monday, July 1, 2013

Photo Edits: September

Turns out, I love photo editing. I discovered the site PicMonkey last year, and I've occasionally played around with it. I even made my most recent NaNoWriMo cover using some of the editing tools on PicMonkey: 

Three years ago, I first heard the song September by Daughtry, and I combined some of the lyrics with this fun picture of myself I took one cold winter night when I first got a desk lamp. There is nothing more pathetic than a fifteen year old girl with a camera. Trust me; I think I have about 500k selfies. 

Edit #1

(Three years later, I still look pretty much the same. Different glasses. That's about it.)

Anyway, I made this edit with the ancient Microsoft Word program called Paint, so I didn't even change the lighting. I just picked a plain font and put the refrain to September on it. 

This week, when I should have been doing more important things, I dug the photo back up from the deep files of my computer and decided to re-edit it. I no longer had the original picture, so I had to keep the words as they were. But I still managed, with the help of PicMonkey, to whip up three edits, each more extravagant than the last. 

Edit #2 
Fairly simple; I changed the lighting, brightened the eyes, and added some texture.

Edit #3

Here's where I went insane. This one is actually my favorite, even though its kind of ridiculous. Way too much going on here. This was the only one in which I edited the text by adding a second layer. Amazingly, I think I even found the same font!

Edit #4

I don't know what exactly happened here. I saw spiderwebs. I went with it. There are five spiderwebs layered on this edit. But I think it's cool, in a creepy kind of way. 

That's it. I am leaving for a long vacation with my family tomorrow, so we'll see how much blogging I have time to do. I will be working on some story ideas while I have an enormous lake in front of me for a whole week, which should be good for inspiration. 

Have a lovely Independence Day! 

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