Sunday, July 7, 2013


(Me on the beach, and my bucket list for this trip layered over the top.)

For the past 6 days, I have been way up in Northern Wisconsin visiting my mom's parents!

Wisconsin is my favorite state that I have ever been in (although, truthfully, I've only been in 5 of the 50). It is absolutely beautiful here! Lake Superior is the biggest (and COLDEST) of all the Great Lakes, and I spent 3 days there this past week.

Family, food, fun -- and mosquito bites, but that sort of comes with the territory.

So far....

I got an amazing graduation gift from my Grandma.

I got serious Sister Points. (Happy Birthday, Terese!)

I got a sunburn. (Blah)

I got a carving tool for making rubber stamps.

I got to see my older sister and her boyfriend.

I got to eat a bacon and jelly sandwich (which, trust me, tastes way better than it sounds).

I got to sit for hours and talk to my Grandpa, pretty much the coolest guy on the planet.

I got to talk to my boyfriend on the phone on the 3rd anniversary of him telling me he liked me. <3

I got to see a few illegal fireworks, but some very beautiful (and tall) pine trees prevented me from seeing any of the real displays.

I got a lot of pictures of shoes and feet.

I got to see a bunch of my cousins, and confuse one of them with the color chartreuse. 

I got to watch two of my sisters fit their mouths around the rim of a glass cups. (More entertaining then you'd expect.)

I got to watch the movie Wreck-it-Ralph for the second time. ("What's going on inside of this candy-coated heart of darkness!?")

I got to see the art of an internationally famous artist.

And I got to go to Mass in one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen. 

It's been a Superior trip so far, and we still have 2 whole days left!

I hope you are having a summer even half as lovely as mine. God bless!

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