Monday, August 23, 2010

Beware the Ninjas

You just NEVER know where one might be! And MINJAS? (Mini-Ninjas) DEADLY. Just look at where some were, quite luckily, found before anyone stuck they're foot (or anything else!) in this tiny croc!

CLEARLY these are very inexperienced little rubber minjas, otherwise, they would NEVER have let me get photographic evidence of them. Pretty amazing, really.

To their credit, the picture isn't very can hardly see the shoe on the dark counter in the dim light.

In other news, history almost killed me today and i now know more about the founding of Rome than i ever wanted to.

In happy news, cinnimon mentoes are heavenly and soooooooo yummy!!! :-d. I love them. Thank you, Anna! <3

New cartoon:

Don't LOVE how it turned out but, y'know.

Thanks for reading the blog!