Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Again

The first time i heard the song Summer Again by The Afters, i cried. Because its so very, very true. We're hanging out with summer for over three months, and than suddenly....its gone.



Yes yes, i know. There there.

Why did i post the link to this particular and most heartbreaking song?
Because tomorrow, i will be thrown into the Pit Of Despair (or POD).

My parents don't show much mercy when it comes to the POD, even though they themselves know how horrid it is. The unthinkable tortures of math, history, literature, French, and more, will all be used on me weekly.

Ok, yes, i'm referring to school.


And i think you all agree that summer passes with sorrow for many of us. To be all technical and accurate, it still IS summer, and still will be for the first month of school. I don't know about you, but that doesn't exactly make me feel BETTER.

For me, as a homeschooler (woo hoo, uh huh!) school doesn't actually change my lifestyle too drastically. I do have to go to bed earlier (HUMPH!) but i don't really get up any earlier. I do the same chores, continue on with my favorite hobbies, etc. But my favorite time of day is morning. I love mornings. And school sucks all the life out of them. My school is diffacult and challenging, but most days i only have two subjects (i don't have extra classes like art and gym and stuff like that), so i get done in the morning. There went my awesome morning. Lunch comes and goes. Chores. THAN i have free time, but i am still forced to do educational things, like read.

And i have so enjoyed this summer. I think its been one of the best ones yet. So much fun.


1. Ah, school was finished at last. Sweet freedom.

2. Totus Tuus!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I love you guys!!!

3. 4th of July visit to Minnesota! Dude, i could talk about how epic THAT was forever. I miss my Ninjas and cartoon drawing buddy soooooo much!!!!!!

4. Big Sister leaving for her big adventure on NET :'(

5. My BFF Squishy coming for her first visit in 2 years. *SCREEEEAM!!!!* That encompasses WAY too many good times.

Aw yes. And now summer is over. :'(. Very very very very very VERY sad.

Some mean old genius said 'All good things must come to an end'. And i would like to personally BLAME whoever that was. :-P.

That said, farewell, Summer.

I'll miss you.

There are far too many sad songs about summer leaving, and i'll be sure to listen to at least one of them today to REALLY get me in the mood.

Hope you don't have to start school any time soon!


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