Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Time Rush

Imagine please, four incredibly cute dudes in one half hour, who sing and dance.

It doesn't seem possible, but it is.

If you are familiar with the title of this blog post, you will know what i'm talking about....the Nick show Big Time Rush starring Kendal Shmitt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena and Logan Henderson! (GO GUYS!!!)

I don't watch a TON of tv. I mostly watch Food Network, and whatever my family is watching just to hang out with them. But occasionally i fall for a show. BTR is the latest (and greatest).

So, OF COURSE, I just HAVE to do a blog post all about it!


Yes, i know, bear with me.

Mm hm. That's them. Cute, huh?

Not to say i'm boy-crazy, either. I'm not. I have no interest in marrying any one of these dudes (considering, also, that they are in their 20's and famous and i just don't need that). But i L.O.V.E. their show and they are so very very cute. And that picture doesn't do them justice. Pixilated and weird.

ANYWAY, i would like to analyze their tv personalities, as, having never met them in person, i can't analyze their REAL personalities.

If you're bored and think this is lame, feel free to say so. Really.

On top of the golf cart there is Carlos. I do love Carlos. He's very endearing in a manic sort of way. His favorite activities (besides singing, i suppose) are running into walls and doing dangerous things. He's very sweet. I think if he weren't so insane he would be very romantic. Unfortunately, he has his share of faults. He falls for mean controlling girls who take advantage of him. If you can imagine and fully insane Latino Charlie Brown, you've got Carlos.

On the left, in the gray tank top, he with the stunning muscular arms, is James. <3 I love James. (I will just state now that i love all four of them). He's incredibly good-looking, for one thing, and for another, he's got a great voice. His charms, unfortunately, end there for the most part. He's very driven and passionate, but he's also in love with himself. Its hard to become fully attatched to someone who carries around a mirror and is offended when girls DON'T fall in love with him immediately. But one unbelievably awesome moment in which he gave up a rather awesome acting job  to save the feelings of a girl who did NOT get an acting job has redeemed him in my eyes.

In the middle is Logan. I find Logan hard NOT to love. He's really nerdy, but his nerd-ness is cute. He's sweet to his girlfriend but clueless and shy. He's the kind of guy a self-help maniac could go to town with. He's cautious and keeps his friends from doing anything beyond the reasonable fields of stupidity and insanity. He also has some of the best lines ever, such as, "Does he know he looks like a yam?" However, Logan has his own form of insanity. He gets obsessed with things and often gets sick of his friends' lack of coherant thought.

And Kendall. He's unbelievably loyal to his insane friends, sister, crazy mother, and cute girlfiriend. There are many qualities i admire in him; his voice, his patience, his ability to not completely lose it when things get tough...very refreshing. And his hair is fun to watch when he flips his head lol.

All four of them are very dedicated to their band, and that makes me happy. Occasionally, they abandon each other, but by the end of the episode all is well.

And i could go on, but you're probably sick of this. I just needed to talk about something OTHER than French, because its driving me nuts.

Thanks for reading!


  1. "And his hair is fun to watch when he flips his head lol."

    Bear with French. C'est tres belle!

  2. rofl. Ohhhh Clare. *shakes head*
    I've only ever seen 10 minutes of this show.