Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Way Out Here

There is a popular new country song that i am totally in love with.

Way Out Here, by Josh Thompson.



I have no idea. I have never considered myself particularly 'down home'. I do live in one of the smallest towns in the nation and we have over five acres of land, but we don't own any guns, our really good watch dog just passed away, and no one in my family smokes or chews.

And yet i love this song and am trying to think of a worthy book plot to write based on it.

There is something so true, honest, beautiful and pure about this song. Its patriotic, and it sounds like freedom. It sounds like the theme song of people who really, honest to goodness LIVE and make the most of every moment they have. Its kind of like God Bless America meets American Saturday Night lol.

The other thing i like about this song is that i love the guys voice. Josh Thompson knows his range and stays in it, which is more than we can say for other singers (who, yes, shall remain un-named).

And to prove that i do really live 'way out here':

There you go. One of the worlds smallest John Deere's ever. ;-)

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