Friday, August 20, 2010

Very First Post

Well, here I am! First blog, first post!

Hi, Mom!

First I shall breifly say who I am:

I am Clare. I live in the midwest, and I am homeschooled (WOO HOO!). I am an author, artist, designer, etc. I have a lot of other random hobbies i will go into LATER.

My blog, as you (hopefully) noticed, is a fun little spin of Brothers Grimm. I chose this name because i very dearly LOVE fairy tales (i have even re-written a few!) and i have 5 sisters, so it just seemed to work nicely :-). I will CERTAINLY be talking about fairy tales (and anything else that pops into my head).

For my first post, i decided to share something i have done recently.

My very first cartoon. I am rather proud of it, even though its terrible. Its based on the general reaction of my friends and family to getting out of bed in the morning.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog, as i am sure i will enjoy writing it. Forgive me spelling errors and when i let my I's be little...or if i write fro rather than for (i do that quite a lot).

Thank you for reading! Write more soon.


  1. You're just like be, Clare-la! Except I do teh and taht! -.-
    Can't wait to see what you post! ::) Check out my blog sometime! ;;D

  2. Thanks! I am sooo excited to post more! *squish*

  3. I like to think I was the inspiring muse behind that cartoon. ;)
    Congrats on your blog, Clare! Pretty backround. =)
    *is following*