Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Not Dating

I have never dated anyone in my life.

That actually makes me really happy.

I've heard a lot of hard and horrible breakup stories from friends who have dated.

And not that there IS something wrong with dating.

But I never have.

The main reason for that is because...I'm not allowed to.

My parents don't see any point in teenagers having deep, romantic relationships.

So that's reason #1.

#2, I have never WANTED to date.

Yes, there have been times when all I wanted was attention from the mysterious male race.

But dating?
Nah. What's the point? If you love someone, you love them regardless of whether or not you go out and see movies together.

If someone loves me, they will love me for me, and they won't be turned off because I don't date.

And if someone loves me, they would want to be my friend before they were my boyfriend, anyway.

I would want to be friends with someone before I loved them!
How can you love a perfect stranger?

Well, I suppose, if you were a perfect Christian (still working on that...) you would love everyone anyway.

You don't need to have the title 'girlfriend/boyfriend' to be loved.

So I'm very happy.


Very, very loved.


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