Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"...I've Been Feeling So Alone..."

It's true.


Well...history lesson time!

I was a shy kid. Like, REALLY shy.

So i never had any friends.

Than, one random day when i was 7, my family went to a homeschool picnic.

There, myself and this other girl tried to stop a younger girl we both knew from picking up dead mice with her bare hands (she wanted to bury them...animal lovers *rolls eyes* lol).

She went off with the dead mice (using a plastic bag and sticks...sheesh), leaving me and the other girl standing there.

We became bestest friends, even though i had to ask her what her name was again like 12 times : ). She lives over a thousand miles away and i hardly ever see her.

Fast forward to when i was 13...i met my next best friend! Our mothers met at church, and decided our enormous familes simply HAD to meet each other.

I was convinced i was NOT going to hit it off with the 'girl my age'.


Been best friends ever since. She lives over an hour away and i have seen her less frequently than ANY of my other friends, even though she lives the closest. Don't ask me how THAT works out.

Finally, like, the beginning of this year (don't ask me when...i can't remember. I went through an 'i hate my journal' phase and didn't write it down).

I met my first GUY best friend. I was told about him, and than ended up having a very awkard phone conversation with him for about 30 seconds about 2 months before i ever really MET him.

Blah blah blah...the rest is history and all that jazz. He lives over 200 miles away and i miss him like crazy.

And now, i am stuck here, sitting at my computer, wishing sooooo bad i could see ONE of these awesome best friends of mine.

I mean, i have other friends...but i'm not very close with them. They aren't people i scream hysterically when i see and suffocate (i mean...HUG) because i've missed them so much.

I get to see some friends tonight at Youth of which might become that sort of friend mentioned above : ).

But right now i'm just a little sad and lonely.



  1. Hugssss Clare-la! I can't wait to see you next month! <3 I know how it feels to miss friends! ::( Call me sometime! I miss ya!

  2. I know!!!!! AGGGGH....*dies* In the words of Adam Young, "I'll watch the night turn light blue, but its not the same without you..." :(