Thursday, October 14, 2010

Working Title: Maniac Pursuit?

^^We'll work on that one.

Anyway, i had a new idea! FINALLY!

My muse seems to have least partially, from the Bahamas.

Very good of him.

And he (the Muse) seems to pop up in the STRANGEST places!
It was in the bathroom at church while i paused in a conversation with some people.

Amusingly, after the inspiration, when i returned to the group, they were discussing politics.

So, the inspiration is kind of connected to The Epic post i made earlier. My school assignment sparked MUCH amusment and inspiration for myself.

I have long been insanely jealous that the idea of having museum characters come to life was ALREADY THOUGHT UP by someone else *crabby face*. But it dawned on me that, while it would be cheesy to replicate the plot exactly, whose to say i can't use the idea???

So, the idea was that Roscoe (see The Epic) comes to life from cartoons, along with some other cartoon characters, mainly my own and my friends. My thought was that the book is both terrifying and amusing (Terrifying: little dogs coming at you with axes and hammers. Amusing: little dogs coming at you with axes and hammers).

The character based off of myself, being the Apprentice (hmph) would be the one to first discover this predicament. Then the Apprentice and the Expert (once again, see The Epic) would have to embark on a dangerous and amusing mission to vanquish cartoon-kind.

This book would be written, of course, solely to entertain myself and others : )

I want SO BADLY to right something around the same awesomeness as Rick Riordon (haha...dream on, me), but i have a feeling writing something FUN in the meantime would be good for my self-esteem.

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