Friday, October 8, 2010

Here I SIT...

(Note that word SIT...doing nothing, idle...not exerting any effort...)

And lately i have been feeling round.

I also happen to be eating a small-ish plate of cheese and crackers.

Now, i am NOT FAT. 116.8 (according to the scale that always changes its mind) is not FAT.

But i'm starting to think i am (and, well....I AM) lazy, and i like to eat.

Scratch that:


Eating is on my list of favorite hobbies.

And so....i'm becoming ROUND.

Not bad round....just 'not perfectly smooth stomach' round.

And i know that is not a BAD thing...i'm fit enough. I carried my 32 pound baby brother around for about TWO HOURS today.

But still, vanity causes one to wonder if i few sit-ups (GAAAAA!!!) would REEEEALLY kill them.

I suppose there's always room for improvement.

And i'm not looking to even LOSE WEIGHT. Who cares? The scale is inaccurate, anyway!

No...i just want to look a little better.

Everyone wants that.

(I just finished those crackers...mmmm.....)

I think it could be scientifically proved that no women are really HAPPY with the way they look.

There's always ONE LITTLE THING.

I'll probably be really serious about this and go for a long jog every night...

For about 2.5 nights in a row.

Than i'll be ashamed, and EVENTUALLY start it up again.

And there's always that fun excersize doo-hickey down in the basement.

Nothing like working your nonexistent abs!

But, as i go back and forth on whether or not being round is even a BAD thing...

Where's that tube of crackers? Contentment is found in eating, not a growling stomach.

Whether or not that stomach is a little round ;-)

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