Friday, December 10, 2010

Love What You Do

I am a procrastinator.

If that doesn't surprise you, i'm not at all offended. I've heard the symptons are easy to identify.

Anyway......this was more of a ignorance issue than a procrastinating issue.

Suddenly, i turn around, and its like..... OH GOSH TWO AND A HALF WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS.

And.....i have no presents.


Fortunately for me, i am an artist. I can cheaply and rapidly (er...somewhat rapidly) produce gifts for people. I am a cheap and rapid sort of person, which is not all its cracked up to be. If at all possible, resist following me down this path of mediocroty.


I LOVE what i'm doing for presents.

(No, i shall NOT tell. Some people already know. Thats enough. Seriously.)

And i think that is INCREDIBLY important for EVERYONE.

To love what you do.

If you hate what you do (for loathe cheese with all your soul, yet can only keep a job making cheese), you can't enjoy it, and no one sees what you've done (tastes your cheese) and just KNOWS you loved every second of producing it.

Love makes things SPARKLE.

That might sound cheesy, but its true.

Like, the first drawing a little kid ever does.

That is the most hideous mass of squiggles ever known to mankind.

And yet, its completely beautiful, because it was made with love.

So i hope on Christmas morning, people open my gifts and get all excited and sentimental, even if they usually totally wouldn't care about this particular gift, because they can tell it was made with love.

Or at least say, "Huh. Nice." And than at least NOT throw it in the trash. Stuff it in a drawer somewhere, maybe.

I love pointless gifts, as long as they're given with love : ).

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