Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I had the immense privilage of getting to see this movie with some of my VERY best friends over the weekend!

I refuse to spoil the movie for anyone, so I shall merely say these things:

1. Best Disney Princess movie ever. Its a shame they don't want to do any more princesses....but really, they couldn't top this.

2. SEE IT. Preferably not at 9:05 pm and NOT in 3-D. You will be too tired from the lateness of the hour and too distracted by the butterflies that appear to be flying out of your head to FULLY absorb the epic plot, and be left DYING to see it again because you KNOW you missed something.

3. Why is it the best? Well, aside from the guy not being a prince, actually having a personality, and Rapunzel actually being likable (compared to some princesses), its the first princess movie i have ever seen where you can tell, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they truly, truly love each other.

4. Was is cliche? Yes. Did it end a tad on the fast side and make you wish you could tell Disney not to rush these things? Oh sure. But still epic. Not every movie still makes that cut.


6. Epic. Songs. Nuff said.

So, go forth! See the movie, unless you already have! Laugh, bawl your eyes out, scream hysterically, and make your friend dub you the 'loudest person they have ever seen a movie with'.

Back row:  Rapunzel, Flynn
Front row: Hannah, Kat, Me

Rapunzel and I posing with our fryin' pans : ).

How best friend waste their time the day after the movie : ).

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  1. Ahhhh. ::) Dude, we look so awesome in that top picture. X) And ohhhhh how I love that movie poster... sigggggh.