Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Very Merry Christmas : )

1. Christmas Eve was BEAUTIFUL! It was softly snowing the whole day! It was magical! It was MARVELOUS!

2. Christmas Eve Mass. Oh my awesome! The first ten minutes were held by candlelight, and it was just wonderful.

3. THE. FOOD. Oh my goodness............I can't even describe how wonderful Mom and Meggie made our Christmas feast : )

3. Christmas Day! I got a Walmart gift card, an Amazon gift card, some delicious lip gloss, and the most epic hat EVER.

4. MORE FOOD!!!!!! Haha....yes, it was heavenly!

5. Being with my family : ). Its been wonderful!

6. Everyone loved their presents lol.

7. And last but not first and best friend shall be here to celebrate my Christmas with me on Wednesday!!!! HARRAH!!!!!!

I hope your Christmas was as marvelous as mine, and may you be very VERY blessed the rest of the Christmas season : ).

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