Monday, December 6, 2010

My Epic Weekend, Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4

Part 1: Netters Aplenty!

The fun started on Thursday the 2nd, with.....


You just can't go wrong with Netters.

Keep in your prayers the EPIC Net team #7....all 11 of them who stayed at our already quite full house Thursday night and Friday morning. was pretty awesome. How often does one get to play Frogs and Flies, Animal Noises, and than have an epic praise and worship session complete with 3 guitars and a drum??


We were devastated to see them go on Friday morning (team member Drew was devestated to leave my baby brother....poor guy).

Part 2: The Blizzard Trip

This was Friday and Sunday.

And my mother, my sister, my brothers, and myself left for Minnesota.

Oh boy.

Things we forgot before leaving:

1. Toys for the babies.

2. Cups for the babies.

3. Water of any sort.

Things we lost while traveling:

1. The gas cap.

2. The diaper bag.

3. The cup we bought for the boys to stand in for the cups we forgot.

4. Mom's book.

Yep. Thats us. Organized. On top of it. *snort*

And than, of course, once we REACHED St. Paul........well, we'd been driving through a blizzard for a while, anyway. This traffic was stopped.

Yeah. And the boredom was so extreme:

I think we stopped at McDonalds like, 5 times on this trip. French fries are my weakness.

Part 3: LIFELINE!!!!!!!

Best part, of course.

1. My very best friend EVER : ).

2. Seeing a friend i totally did NOT expect to see! I hadn't seen her in forever and it was AWESOME.

3. Nate from Sonar is amazing, even when he's all by himself up there, jamming away.

4. Mass with a couple thousand screaming teenagers is A L W A Y S a win.

5. CANADIANS!!!! For some reason they decided to cross the border just to come to Lifeline. How awesome is THAT???

6. Tony Melendez!!! Yaaaay!!! Dudes without arms who play the guitar with their feet? E P I C   W I N!!!!

Part 4: St. Nicholas Day!

I got:

1. Earbuds, wraparounds, headphones, AND an adaptor so TWO earbuds can plug into the same device. Pretty sweet.

2. Mint M&Ms. Oh yeah.

3. An enormous Rudolph the Rednosed Reigndeer tin with THREE KINDS OF POPCORN IN IT OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!!! I have a horrible weakness for flavored popcorn..........and i was tempted to eat ALL of the cheesy stuff today. I resisted.

So. That was my epic weekend. Details WERE left out, alas, but hey, i only have so much time to blog, and you only have so much time and patience to read it.



  1. I love Tony Melendez!!! We saw him in August!!! ::D