Thursday, April 14, 2011

Horvath, Watch Thy Back.....

As you may recall from a previous post, I named my evil alarm clock Horvath.

There he is. In all his evil splendor. Don't let the cutsie dolphin stickers fool you. This hunk of plastic junk is BAAAAD news.

He goes off randomly when the stick-thing is turned to OFF.

*glares evilly*

I really hate this thing. But, i DO need something to tell time with, as my ability to read a traditional face clock is embarrassingly similar to a kindergartners. My brain has a lot of trouble with those three sticks and 12 numbers. Its part of the undermining insanity, I'm sure.


A couple weeks ago, my mother gave me...


Heavenly music played, the light shone down.


Its darn ugly, really. And IT beeps (one little beep...not at all bad, but still) every hour, because I can't figure out how to turn the stupid chime off.

But I love it.

Its arguably better than Horvath.

And I named it, too.

It was dubbed: DOON.

Yes, Dune. D-O-O-N.

Why, you ask?
Well, if you've ever seen the movie City of Ember, I named it after one of the main characters, Doon Harrow, simply because of the 0.5 seconds of the movie where Sol says, "You've got a big head!"

Doon the Watch, if you noticed, has an obnoxiously large face.

No one else got it, either, don't worry.

All my siblings (and my mother), looked at me, and, with shallow minds, said:

"Its pink."


Anyway...that's his name.

Horvath is, if you were wondering, still with us. He hasn't done anything egregious lately...must be playing his cards right.

I told my brother that the next time Horvath goes off at midnight, he can take him apart with a screwdriver.

Step aside, Horvath.

Welcome, Doon.

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