Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My friends say the funniest things...

Seriously. Like, roll out of your seat laughing. OK...maybe they aren't THAT funny, but I have realized that I'm only friends with people who make me laugh really, really hard.

Coke- Cause life needs fun.
"Your just mad cause I destructed your pizza with my toe."
"Oh hey...can your computer receive videos via e-mail without flipping a circuit?"

"If I didn't absolutely adore you, I would kill you right now."
"What's wrong with you?" "Nothing shut up leave me alone HUG ME!!!"

"Don't fall for every guy who gives you 'The Smolder'. Wait until you see how good he is with a frying pan before you see his light."
"ARRRR! Raise the bid or call me a liar!"

"How is that NOT hilarious!? He just swallowed a cattle prod!"
"You're right, I can't dance. But who said I was trying to?"
"It takes a lot of root beer to get drunk."

"Sounds interesting. Maybe you could make that into a disease, and mass-market medication for it."
"Don't you know what clowns DO!? They hypnotize you and steal your soul!"
"You look grumpy--like you need a nap, a hug, and a cookie."

"Either do it or don't do it but DO IT!!!"

"Now I think I'm going to make a twitter so I can stalk famous people. "

"Well, Clare dearest, by your logic:

Canadians are cool.
Justin Bieber is Canadian.
Therefore, Justin Bieber is cool. "

And that's just a FEW!

I rest my case.

I love you guys so much. Never stop being awesome : ).

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