Monday, April 18, 2011

That's the good part, I guess...

Well, we did it.

We rented Tangled from our local Redbox and my mom, sister, and brother (the only one's who hadn't seen it) finally got to enjoy the spectacle for themselves.

We watched it twice, just to get our money's worth.

I forgot how much I loved it.

OK...that's a lie. I remembered EXACTLY how much I loved it, watching it a second and third time just RENEWED my love for it.

It was really, truly epic seeing the movie in 3-D with two very close friends. But you know what?

It was even better watching it with my family, especially my mom and older sister. I care very much what both of them think of everything I do, say, and like.

Of course, there were cons. Like my little sisters going around quoting the most annoying line in the whole movie OVER AND OVER AND OVER.........

Mom was a little ho-hummy over it. She liked it fine, but it wasn't SO awesome in her eyes.

Anna loved it, too : ). YAY! I was so hoping she would, after I practically spoiled the whole thing for her, having her listen to the songs (taken out of context so they wouldn't ruin it for her...but all that did was confuse her). We had just about the same favorite parts. I was so happy.

Which is lame, right? I shouldn't care so much what people think.

But I do. Its the way I am.

So, what is this post about?

Um....well, my undying love for this epic movie, I guess, and my undying love for my family.

One of my favorite lines in this whole movie is, "Well, that's the good part I guess. You get to go find a new dream."

Watching this movie is awesome to me, no matter what. I laugh, I tear up, I sigh with happiness, I wince in horror and cover my mouth with my hands and just sit there, grinning like an idiot, eyes all shiny because its just BEAUTIFUL.

(You knew I was obsessed, right?)

But watching it with my family, who always chatter and laugh and won't shut up and TOTALLY ruin the most heartbreaking, beautiful moment in the whole thing and than insist on repeating all the funny lines WHILE the movie is still going on and whining that they have to go to the bathroom.....

That's the good part, I guess.

That's the part that really makes it worthwhile.

Thanks, Disney. Well done.

: )

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