Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wrede, Lights, and Other New Things!

I dedicate this post to celebrate NEW things! Or...new to me, anyway.

New things we all love:
Shoes, cookies, episodes of ones favorite TV show, toothbrushes, floss, milk, friends, paper, sharpies, days, weeks, months, years, toilet paper, printers, phones, Snapfish accounts, blog backgrounds, cars, carpet, and songs.

New things some of us loathe:
Fashions, dance moves, TV ads, complaints, worries, movies based on books, third and fourth movies in a series, smelly candles, scraps of paper, Easter lilies (Aaaaa....CHOO!!), Kenny Chesney songs, blisters, Jell-O flavors, and black licorice jelly beans.


Anyway, just last week I found and fell in love with TWO new things:

Patricia C. Wrede, author of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, and the Canadian Christian singer Lights.

Wow. I just love them so much. I need to bask in the glow for a few minutes........

OK, I'm back.

I just moved to a new town, and as such, I just perused a new library.

Here's how I choose books:

1. Saunter around trying to appear cool, when all you are doing is DESPERATELY searching for the Teen Fiction!

2. Find the Teen Fiction, and immediately see a book that the title and cover itself make you shudder in fear. (Yes, I have very low tolerance for creepy, depressing, or dramatic.)

3. Start reading titles.

4. BAM! Hopefully...

Bam would mean I saw something that looked cool/awesome/interesting.

What I saw was this: Dealing With Dragons.

Tell me more!

5. Read the back and/or the inside flap to see if its worth a read.

Believe, this one was.

6. Check out.

7. Take home.

8. Read.

9. Relish.

10. Return.

Over all, 10 steps. Dealing With Dragons was FANTASTIC. My only complaint would be that my second favorite character never got a name and ended up not with the main character, but with her friend. Not that this was a BAD thing, just not what I anticipated and hoped for.

Really, it was lovely. I adored it. Every page held something new. It kept my interest and left me wondering what would happen next. Well done!

Next up: LIGHTS!

I hate having to search for a new radio station through the buzz, fuzz and crackle of radio waves. Its boring, aggravating, and so very often, disappointing.

Not so this time!

I found a really cool, awesome Christian radio station that was NOT praise and worship. Don't get me wrong...praise and worship is all fine and dandy! Its just that, for daily listening, i find praise stations almost oppressive, and often, really, REALLY cheesy.

But this radio station was like the evil twin of the one i listened to back home! (Evil because its actually MORE awesome, which is good, trust me.)

And I found this song: Lions!

I. Love. This. Song.

Its one of those songs that speaks to my soul musically, lyrically, and vocally.

Lights (i discovered this IS her stage name) sings in a really high, lilting, childish kind of voice that I love but would grate on the ears of other people, so I understand if its not for you.

But even if I didn't find her singing appealing, I would have stuck it out for the lyrics. This song is just incredible, and I totally love it.

So, here's in celebration of the new...including my new house and the new people we've met.

May something new capture your imagination today!


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