Sunday, May 15, 2011

Changing Seasons...

My big sister, Catherine, is home from her incredible journey on NET!!!!

I have missed her so much, and now she's back with us.

SO MUCH has changed since she left for NET 9 months ago.

We moved. That was the big one.

Our little baby brothers have gotten SO big!

We met new, crazy people and did new, crazy things!

Things change, sometimes for the better.

CATHERINE has changed.

She now loves hot sauce and spicy food.

She says "Yeah we did!" ALLL the time.

She says "Sick" where we used to say "cool"

She plays that guitar like NOBODY'S business!

And most of all, she's grown even more beautiful, faithful and amazing than she was before.

Welcome home, Catherine.

I love you : ).

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