Monday, May 23, 2011

A Particularly Special Kind of Stupid...

...was exhibited today in our neighborhood.

Three delinquents strolled casually around town with BB guns, shooting birds.

Um, excuse me?
I don't care if it's a BB gun and technically won't kill anyone! It is a weapon and you DO NOT walk around playing with it, shooting harmless birds FOR FUN, in people's yards!

Oh, dude, the ASPCA would have had SUCH a field day with those three.

My mother, sister, and I were just ticked. We wanted to go out and yell at them, knock their heads together, and call the police. And according to this, what they were doing wasn't even LEGAL. Not only were they walking around town, those kids SO were not 16!

Seriously, who thinks that's a good idea!? What parent considers random acts of animal cruelty wholesome fun!? And I don't even LIKE birds!! But there's just something about boys shooting them 'till they're pretty much dead, and than picking them up and carrying them off. Any time anyone is deliberately cruel to someone totally at a disadvantage, it REALLY gets under my skin.

Poor little birds!

And my little brother was cranky because, since there were kids with guns (BB guns, yes, but still) being morons outside our door, our mother wouldn't let him go out and play.

If I was a foot taller, and actually looked my age, I probably would have gone out and given them a piece of my mind.

That is really a very special kind of stupid. Also, a very INFURIATING kind of stupid.

Ok. Rant over. I'm done now.

Thank you.

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