Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Writer Spilleth Her Guts

Writing update! (If anyone cares...)

Snow White (or Mirror, Mirror) continues to go well. I wrote parts of the ending pretty early on so I wouldn't go meandering off into the Forest of Death or something like that. When writing, if you don't know where you're going, as Toby Keith says, you might end up somewhere else. Baby its just a mirror of my emotional state at the time, but this book, especially the ending, has a lot of surprises and emotional manglement*.

Speaking of emotional manglement*, my newest plot, which is entitled Where Your Story Ends... is probably more heart wrenching than anything I've ever thought up.

It's the life story of Malcolm O'Rourke, a 70-something year old man, and 17-yr-old Eugenia 'Genie' Lott, who finished it for him. 51 years prior to this particular chapter of Mal's life, he was given a magical pen and book as a gift. These enabled him, if he so chose, to literally write the story of his life. Mal jumped at the chance.

Alas, we find him, half a decade later, having fled from his 'ideal' life to try and escape from his countless mistakes.

Unfortunately, anyone who writes their life story in the book must add to it every fifteen years...and especially now, because Mal has written so much, he must write the ending! This doesn't at all mean he's doomed to die any time soon, but he must write out the details of his ending.

Mal knows he can't do this. So he asks his best friend, Genie, to write it for him.

It's a really sad and complex story, because Mal has to go back and face all the mistakes he made in his life, and he has to show Genie, too. Mirror, Mirror is my top priority right now, but I'll definitely be coming back to this one.

So, that's my life when it comes to writing right now. I'm also currently proof-reading a story for a friend of mine, which has been really fun. She's so very talented and her story is awesome!

Cheers...happy spring, or fall, depending where you are in the world : ).

(* Note: MANGLEMENT is not a word.)

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