Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is one for the guys...

You WISH you were this cool.

First of all, YES! Blogger is working again! *sings a joyful round of the Hallelujah Chorus*


Today, I have A LOT to say, naturally, since I've been unable to blog for over a week. There are quite a few dudes who have made my life particularly epic of late, and I would like to acknowledge them now : ).

1. Fr. Bill H. is amazing, I love him SO much, and I ask that you keep him in your prayers as he is assigned to his new parish!

2. My darling friend who is fondly nick-named 'Squishy' has a ninja for a father. And he's epic.

3. My bestest friend might come see me on Sunday and I miss him terribly!

(Wow...the men in my life are doing a good job of making my day right now.....)

4. The Son of Neptune cover has been released! Squeeee!!! I am SO very excited for this!! Rick Riordan is AMAZING!

5. Every day brings us closer to June 14th, when Adam Young's new CD releases! Check it!

6-7. My baby brothers, depicted above gangsta style, for rocking my world : ).

8. The Great I AM. I love You! <3

Eight of the best guys on the planet, and I just want them all to know what they mean to me.

Peace out.

(P.S. ...according to Blogger, 'squee' and 'bestest' are not words. Please do not use them in polite society if you wish to appear even semi-intelligent. Thank you.)

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