Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things people say...

Today, I was sitting at my computer, and said, "Oh! Hey, Adam Young's new album is out today. I didn't realize that!"

(I think I should say that some of my faith in Adam Young has been restored...I'm in love with 2 of the songs on his album I heard yesterday. His tumblr is also becoming more like his old blog used to be, which is very exciting! I'm not buying the whole Midsummer Station album, but I'm excited for several of the songs!)

And I was pointing out that Owl City fan-fiction was featured on http://figment.com/, and my younger brother said,

"Just three years ago, Adam young was like a hobo. With a synthesizer."

Then, on my Figment wall, one of my friends on there said this:

Oh... Your from England! Oh my gosh I just realized that. Oh I'm just shocked.

Hey, me too! I had to go back and see what I'd said to her to figure out why she believed I was from England. I had explained how I'm planning to apply for mission work and I specified that it would be in the U. S.

I have to admit I laughed really hard. It totally made my day.

All in all, I think this proves why people are just so great.

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